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Pei Zhao

I'm a data user of KOSIS' IMF DSBB NSDP data and have a question about a data point in the October's release of International Reserves and Foreign Currency liquidity. (http://kostat.go.kr/portal/eng/resources/2/1/8/index.action?bmode=view&pageCode=ENGIMF07)

Under the first section of the table the value of "(iii) banks headquartered outside the reporting country" is reported as zero for October. Could you please advise if this data point is correct? Currently the sum of this data point and "(i) other national central banks, BIS and IMF" does not equal to "(b) total currency and deposits", which is 23,509.

Thank you very much for your help.

Pei Zhao
Statistics Korea 2016-12-05
Dear, Pei Zhao
Thank for using the KOSIS website.

There was a data entry error because the BOK(Bank Of Korea) delivered original wrong data(actually 1 row). 
We asked to deliver right data to correct figures to bok and updated new figure, so please check the NSDP site.

Thank you very much for your concern.

Best regards,
Statistics Korea
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