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About core CPI components and weights

Wang Xiangpeng
Hi KOSIS officer,

As mentioned, Korean core CPI is CPI excluding Agricultural Products and Oils, but it seems the weights do not add up. For example, 2012 weights for Agricultural Products, Oils and Core are 44.1, 56.7 and 887.2, which does not add up to 1000. 

So I guess the core CPI exclude something more than just Agricultural Products and Oils? May I ask what are the exact components and weights of the core CPI please? 

Thank you very much in advance

Best Regards, 
Statistics Korea 2016-12-14
Dear Wang Xiangpeng,
Thank for using the KOSIS website.

The exact components and weights of the core CPI are shown in the following table.

 < CPI excluding Agricultural Products and Oils >

                                                       Items number                Weight
A         All items                                     481                         1,000
B         Agricultural Products & Oils            52                          112.8
 b.1      Vegetables                                  28                          16.0
 b.2      Fruits                                         13                          15.9
 b.3      Other agricultural products            4                           3.6
 b.4      Oils                                           6                           56.7
 b.5      City gas                                     1                           20.6
C         Excluding Agricultural Products & Oils  429                         887.2

Best regards,
Statistics Korea
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