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About Today's Industrial Statistics Release

Frank Z

I have 4 questions and would appreciate it if you could provide some insights.

1. I was looking at the table 'Index of shipment in domestic demand/exports in IIP' (http://kosis.kr/statHtml/statHtml.do?orgId=101&tblId=DT_1F01016&conn_path=I2), and with the January data release, both the seasonally adjusted and non seasonally adjusted series of Index of shipment for export for 'Manufacture of Furniture' got revised very heavily for its back history compared to other series. It went from around well below 100 to well above 100. I was wondering if the data correct? If it is, is there a methodological change of this series? or it's just a normal revision

2. There was a similar big revision for both the NSA and SA series for Manufacture of Spectacle, Photographic Equipment and Other Optical Instruments in this table (http://kosis.kr/statHtml/statHtml.do?orgId=101&tblId=DT_1F01001&conn_path=I2 ) with the new January data release. Could you advise if the data is correct?

3. Same big revision for the indicator of Motor vehicles in the section of outstanding orders  (http://kosis.kr/statHtml/statHtml.do?orgId=101&tblId=DT_1F47&conn_path=I2). Could you also please clarify if the data is correct

4. Within the same table as in question 3, There used to be three more machines, which are 'communication equipment, metal cutting & forming machinery, and office accounting & computing machinery'. These machines have been deleted in today's new release. Are these series discontinued?

I'm sorry for the lengthy questions, and thank you very much for your time!

Best regards,

Statistics Korea 2017-03-08
Dear Frank,
Thank for using the KOSIS website.

(Answers to Question 1 and 2)

- When releasing seasonally adjusted and non seasonally adjusted indices at the beginning of a year, data of the past 2 years are revised and seasonally adjusted data of the total past time series are revised. 

- 'Manufacture of Furniture' and 'Manufacture of Spectacle, Photographic Equipment and Other Optical Instruments' were revised for domestic demand and exports. This year, there was a revision slightly bigger than usual. In the meantime, there was no methodological change. Changes in seasonally adjusted series are caused by the changes in original indices and seasonal factors.

(Answer to Question 3)
- As for 'Motor vehicles', the big revision of outstanding orders resulted from the annual revision (2015~2016) or the sample revision, in other words, the change in surveyed enterprises.

(Answer to Question 4)
- There was an operational maintenance in the KOSIS DB. As of March 6th, the series can be queried.

Best regards,
Statistics Korea 
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