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Producers' shipment index

Li Zeng
Hi, there,

I was trying to understand the producers' shipment index. It would be much appreciated if you could kindly send me the definition and the method used to compile it. Thank you.

Best regards,

Statistics Korea 2017-08-21
Attached file :
Dear Li.

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

The producer shipment index shows sales activities of producers and shipment trends in 'Mining', 'Manufacturing' and 'Electricity, Gas and Water Supply' industries. Shipment volume and value of establishments are compiled. Shipment includes ① domestically produced or purchased products that are shipped to domestic vendors, other establishments, institutions, organizations or consumers / products that are shipped to be used as part of export products to other establishments ② products that are exported directly to overseas markets or indirectly via other exporters / products that are shipped to foreign troops in Korea or duty-free shops and ③ products that are shipped to another factory in the same company that produces the same survey product / products that are shipped as gifts or samples / products that are shipped for exhibitions, product packaging, equipment maintenance, etc.

Please refer to the attached file for the Laspeyres formula.


Statistic Korea.
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