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Statistics on age difference of first marriage couples ...

Chenhao Hsu
Dear Administrator in Statistics Korea,

This is Chenhao Hsu. I am a research assistant at Academia Sinica, the national academy of science in Taiwan. 
My supervisor, Dr. Yen-hsin Cheng's team is recently preparing for a demographic research on the change of marriage patterns in Asian countries. One crucial statistics we need is the "composition by age difference of first marriage couples," which was provided yearly in your "Marriage Statistics" or "Marriage and Divorce Statistics" press releases until 2007. (The first attachment is a screenshot of this table in Marriage Statistics 2006 on your website). So my questions are:

1. Is it possible to get the statistics on "composition by age difference of first marriage couples" in the years of 2007 to 2016, just in the similar table format presented in the first attachment?

2. I found a related table named "Marriages by Age of Bridegroom and Bride Period Annual 1990~2016" in the KOSIS statistic database, in which the statistics can be used to calculate the composition of age differences of married couples (See the second attachment). However, this table provides statistics referring to all types of marriages. Is it possible to get statistics only with "first-marriage couples"?

Thanks for your help!

Chenhao Hsu
Statistics Korea 2017-12-04
Attached file :
Dear Chenhao Hsu.

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

Please refer to the following two tables regarding the age difference of first marriage couples: 

In the meantime, basically the above-mentioned two tables are not provided in English. By referring to the attached file, you may change language setting from Korean to English. 

Thank you.
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