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Data on employment by occupations specifically by 2-dig...

Melissa Pascua
Warm greetings from Asian Development Bank (ADB) Manila.

I am Melissa Pascua, national staff here in ADB Manila, providing assistance to our team looking at the impact of new technology on jobs in the Asia and Pacific region in relation to an upcoming ADB publication—the Asian Development Outlook—that will be released in April 2018. 

The impressive development experience of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) can be used as a benchmark for the developing Asia and Pacific region. In our ongoing empirical analyses, we make various scenario projections for the region for employment by occupation, if it experiences the technological advancements in South Korea between 1980 and 2015. For this, our team would need data on employment by occupations for South Korea specifically by 2-digit occupations (ISCO) for three periods (1980, 2000, and 2015). We learned from ILO Statistics that KOSTAT provide tabulated summaries of labor market data to international organizations. 

Thus, we are writing to request for this data set. Please let us know how we can have access to the data. We will be happy to explore the South Korea data on this aspect.

Thank you and best regards.
Statistics Korea 2017-12-19
Attached file :
Dear Melissa Pascua.

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

* Statistics Korea provides the ILO with the number of employed persons by 1-digit occupation according to the Economically Active Population Survey. In the meantime, the number of employed persons by 2-digit occupation is not provided to the public. For your reference,  please make access to the following tables on the employed persons by 1-digit occupation.

< KOSIS tables >
- Employed persons in 1980 by 1-digit occupation: according to the 3rd revision of the KSCO (ISCO-68) DT_1DA7009   
- Employed persons in 2000 by 1-digit occupation: according to the 5th revision of the KSCO (ISCO-88) DT_1DA7A08   
- Employed persons in 2015 by 1-digit occupation: according to the 6th revision of the KSCO (ISCO-08) DT_1DA7C08   

< ISCO-KSCO link >
- 1-digit occupation of the 3rd revision of the KSCO is the same as that of the ISCO-68, which is not the case in the 5th and 6th revisions. Please refer to the attached file on the 5th and 6th revisions of the KSCO.

Thank you.

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