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Census methodology

Dear Sir,

Internet census survey introduced since 2005. What is the % of household complete the survey on internet and other modes of response) in 2005-2015?

Population censuses have been conducted every 5 year before 2015 but census result 2016 has been released.  Is a rolling census based on administrative data conducted after 2015?  Can I find more about the methodology of Korea census? Thanks

Statistics Korea 2018-01-08
Dear david.

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

The Population and Housing Census includes the complete survey and the sample survey. As for the complete survey, the Register-based  Population and Housing Census has been annually carried out by using administrative data since 2015, and a rolling census is not carried out. As for the sample survey, the Census is carried out every 5 years. As for survey methodology, at first, the Internet survey is applied. Afterwards, a face-to-face interviewing method is applied to non-respondents. In the 2005 Census, 0.9% of respondents used the Internet survey. And in the 2010 and 2015 Census, 47.9% and 48.6% of respondents used the Internet survey, respectively. 

Thank you.
Associate Economics and Statistics Officer
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