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Melissa Pascua
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for replying to my query/request. Can I further clarify where I can get the below tables you mentioned?

< KOSIS tables >
- Employed persons in 1980 by 1-digit occupation: according to the 3rd revision of the KSCO (ISCO-68) DT_1DA7009   
- Employed persons in 2000 by 1-digit occupation: according to the 5th revision of the KSCO (ISCO-88) DT_1DA7A08   
- Employed persons in 2015 by 1-digit occupation: according to the 6th revision of the KSCO (ISCO-08) DT_1DA7C08   

Thank you.
Statistics Korea 2018-01-08
Attached file :
Dear Melissa Pascua.

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

The English version of KOSIS doesn't provide above-mentioned tables. Please make access to the Korean version of KOSIS after referring to the attached file concerning how to change query setting (language change from Korean into English).

Thank you.

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