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Chain-type IIP (Index of Industrial Production)

Kuang-cheng Yang
Dear Sir/Madam, 
According to “International Recommendations for the Index of Industrial Production 2010” (Page 18)

1.5.4 Index compilation
xvi. Topic: Frequency of weight update – industry level of the index
Recommendation: Industry level weights of the IIP should be updated annually.
xviii. Topic: Incorporating new weights into the IIP.
Recommendation: The chain linking method should be used when weights are
updated, i.e. the new series should be linked to the old series to produce a continuous series.

Would you agency compile the chain-type IIP (Index of Industrial Production) at coming revise program?
If you have compiled the chain-type IIP, could you please provide us related information or document?
Thank you in advance and appreciate your support.

Statistics Korea 2018-01-23
Dear Kuang-cheng Yang,

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

In relation to the Industrial Production Index, Statistics Korea is revising indices with 2015 as a base year. The current fixed Industrial Production Index is supposed to be changed into a chain-type Index. The revision results will be released at the beginning of March 2018. Please download relevant data after the beginning of this coming March. 

Thank you.
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