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Question about WPI weights

Yuwei Wang
Dir Sir/Madam,

I am a research assistant for Haver Analytics and have some questions about your data. In the table "Index Of Services By Industry Section(2010년=100.0)" we found that some weights of breakdowns don't add up to the weight of aggregate category. More specifically, the adding-up relationships that don't work are as follows:

I5511 Tourist Accommodation = I55111 Hotels   I55112 Inns   I55113 Condominium

K65 Insurance and Pension Funding = K651 Insurance   K653 Pension Fund and Mutual Aid Organizations

M71 Professional  Services = M711 Legal Services 
                             M712 Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
                             M713 Advertising

P85 Education = P851 Primary Education   P852 Secondary Education   P853 Universities 
                P85A Other Education   P85B Educational Institution

Q86 Human Health = Q861 Hospital Activities   Q862 Medical and Dental Practice Activities

All other weights are fine. Thanks in advance for your time, looking forward to your reply.

Statistics Korea 2018-01-31
Dear Yuwei Wang,

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

As for some lower industry level of the Index of Services, KOSIS doesn't provide all industrial breakdowns. In other words, some lower industries are included when calculating statistics at a higher industry level, but are not included in the dissemination of statistics. Therefore, some weights don't add up to the weight of aggregate category as follows.:

As for I5511, I55119 is not included in data releases.
As for K65, K652 is not included in data releases.
As for M71, M714 and M715 are not included in data releases.
As for P85, P855 and M856 are not included in data releases.
 - P85A(P855+P856), P85B(P855+P8561+P8562)
As for Q86, Q869 is not included in data releases.

Thank you.
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