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We are regular analysts of your monthly copper related production and shipment statistics. Upon review of the statistics, there is a change in reporting format from January 2015 onward. 

Pre-2015 categories; - 'Copper bar and section', - 'Copper wire', - 'Copper plate and strip', - 'Copper tube'
Jan 2015 to date categories - 'Copper bars', - 'Copper wire bar', - 'Copper tube'

Could you please explain how the two reporting formats relate so that comparison and analysis can be made throughout the years? Have some of the categories been collated? What are the distinctions of the current categories?

Many thanks in advance.

Very best regards
Statistics Korea 2018-07-12
Dear Henry,

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

According to the change in the base year into 2015, the sub-categories of "Copper" were partially changed. The names of two sub-categories were changed, and "Copper plate an strip" was excluded from data dissemination. 

In summary,

1. Copper bar and section -> Copper bars: 
   Changed the name of category (The same coverage)
2. Copper wire -> Copper wire bar:  
   Changed the name of category (The same coverage)
3. Copper plate and strip: Excluded from data dissemination
4. Copper tube -> Copper tube: No change

In part, the exclusion of "Copper plate and strip" attributes to the small number of establishments. (In that case, the characteristics of a specific establishment may be disclosed.) In the meantime, please pay careful attention to the use of time series dataset (201501~201712 in the past dissemination) because new establishments are included or some previous establishments are excluded from statistical production when revising the base year.

Thank you.
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