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  • Writer : Quelly Ramos
  • Date : 2019-11-13
  • Views : 9318
To whom it may concern:

I have been scoping out the Korean KOSIS website and have been working my way around gathering tax data for each 시, 군, and 구. However, there are some 구 that seems to be missing.  For example, if we start in 충청북도 and break it down to a specific city such as 청주시, which is further broken down into administrative districts 흥덕구, 서원구, 상당구, 청원구, the only tax information I can access are for 청주시 and 청원구.  Is this because these other districts fall under a different tax category?  Or do they just get taxed under 청주시?  

Thank you in advance for all of your help!




Statistics Korea / 2019-11-14
Dear Quelly Ramos,

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

As self-governing local governments,“Gu”regions under metropolitan cities (Seoul, Busan, Incheon, etc.) have a right to collect tax. Whereas, “Gu” regions under general cities (including Cheongju-si) do not have a right to collect tax. Therefore, tax of all “Gu” (흥덕구, 서원구, 상당구, 청원구) in Cheongju-si is collected by Cheongju-si.

In addition, Cheongwon-gun was merged into Cheongju-si in 2014. And “Cheongwon-gun” are different from“Cheongwon-gu of Cheongju-si”.

Thank you.

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