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Rental Equipment dataAnswer

  • Writer : Deon Yap
  • Date : 2020-06-19
  • Views : 5304

Dies KOSTAT have any data on equipment rentals by industry? Specifically equipment such as air conditioners or electric generators?



Statistics Korea / 2020-06-23
Dear Deon Yap,

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

According to the 10th revision of the Korean Standard Industrial Classification (KSIC), ‘Equipment rental’ is classified as follows.

Business facilities management and business support services; rental and leasing activities > Rental and leasing activities; except real estate > Renting of industrial machinery and equipment > Renting of other industries machinery and equipment

On the KOSIS website, data on equipment rentals by item or by industry are not provided. In the meantime, please refer to the following webpage to find data of the Service Industry Survey by industry.


Thank you.

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