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Q. 01What information is provided through KOSIS?

KOSIS is a statistical information system in order to provide general public with an easy and convenient one-stop access to statistical information.

Korea has a decentralized statistical system. Under this decentralized system, users have difficulty in finding what they need because they do not know which statistics are produced by which statistical agencies

Now through KOSIS, users can easily locate the statistical information they are looking for. Moreover, KOSIS offers a wide variety of statistics and other information including major indicators, data visualization contents and news.

Currently, statistical data produced by 120 organizations are available on KOSIS, and more data will be added to KOSIS for continued expansion in service. In case of its english version, official statistics on 186 subject matters are provided

Q. 02What statistics are currently produced in Korea?

As of 12.05.2021 (1:00), official statistics on 1262 subject matters ( 92 designated statistics and 1170 general statistics) are officially approved under the Article 18 (or Article 20) of the Statistics Act. These statistics can be distinguished by the method of collection/production. 556 statistics are collected via surveys while 479 statistics are administrative statistics. Remaining 227 statistics are derived statistics. 1056 Statistics — of these 66 are produced by KOSTAT — are produced by government agencies while 206 statistics are produced by designated organizations that are non-governmental.

Click here to go to ‘Official Statistics Status’ for details.

Q. 03How can I download statistical data as a file?

When you inquire statistical tables, a menu will be shown at the upper part of the screen.Through this menu you can download data in any kind of file.

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