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I need visitor arrivals from 1990 to 2002 by country,thx!
  • WriterLi Miao
  • Date2022-01-14
  • Views276
Hello! I am a phd and now doing a research on the visitor arrivals of KOREA, Japan and China, I really need the data that is about visitor arrivals from 1990 to 2002 by country. Thx a lot!
Answer Statistics Korea/2022-01-20
Dear Li Miao, Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website. Statistics Korea provides international migration statistics on visitors staying in Korea more than 90 days only after 2000 via the following path: Statistical Database of the English-version KOSIS website > Population > International Migration Statistics Please find data that you need in the attached file including data of arrivals of Korean, Japanese and Chinese nationals during the 1990-2002 period, which the Ministry of Justice disseminates. Best wishes, Statistics Korea
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