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Questions regarding PPI ( Seasonal Adjustment)
  • WriterYu Chen
  • Date2022-01-17
  • Views206
Dear Sir/Madam, I am a researcher from Taiwan in the PPI field. I have not heard back from the e-mail adress "pricestat@bok.or.kr" for a while, so I leave my question again here. Would you please provide us the information regarding producer price index: 1. Do you seasonally adjust PPI? And do you publish it? 2. If yes, which year did you start it? If not, why don’t you seasonally adjust PPI? Thank you for your time. We look forward to receiving your early reply.
Answer Statistics Korea/2022-04-13
Dear Yu Chen, Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website. As you know, the Bank of Korea is responsible for producing the PPI. The team in charge of statistical production promised to give you a reply on what data you need. Best regards, Statistics Korea
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