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Cost of red pepper2
  • WriterYouri
  • Date2021-11-24
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Dear kosis For a study on bell pepper production costs in Asia I found an interesting table on your website: https://kosis.kr/statHtml/statHtml.do?orgId=101&tblId=DT_1EC0062&language=en&conn_path=I3 However the figure of 189,373 per 10kg seems high. Could you please verify? It seems that the value should be per 100kg instead. Ohterwise peppers are very expensive. Thanks much.
Answer Statistics Korea/2021-12-07
Dear Youri, Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website. Statistics Korea produces data on the production costs of chili red peppers, not bell peppers. In addition, data on pepper production is based on fully dried peppers, not fresh peppers. In 2020, the production costs of chili red peppers per 10kg showed a high on-year increase, due to the rise in labor costs and land costs as well as the drop in pepper production due to bad yield of pepper. Best regards, Statistics Korea
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