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  • Writer : Ruhul Choudhury
  • Date : 2021-04-21
  • Views : 2015
Hello, greetings, I am Ruhul Amin Choudhury from Bangladesh. Now I am studying in Public policy and leadership Department under the Park chung hee school of policy and Saemaul at Yeungnam University, South Korea. I am doing my master thesis on Bangladeshi EPS worker.  So, I need some statistics regarding this issue. Would you please provide me the following information?

1. I would like to know; how many Bangladeshis have come to South Korea through EPS since 2007 by each year?

2. How many EPS worker have returned to the country after the expiration of date? What percentage goes back?

3. How many have returned to the country after the completion of their period and come for the second time as an EPS.

4. How many EPS worker have stayed illegally without returning their own country?

5. How many workers are hired from each 16 countries every year?

6. How many Bangladeshis have received G-1 visa in last five years?

Best regards,

Ruhul Amin Choudhury

Public Policy and Leadership
Yeungnam University.
Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk 38541,
Republic of Korea (38541 Korea)

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