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Request for second-level COFOG dataAnswer

  • Writer : Kate POWER
  • Date : 2021-09-15
  • Views : 324
I am a Junior Policy Analyst at the OECD, currently working on a joint OECD-European Commission project to develop a subnational climate finance tracking methodology using National Accounts data and the COFOG classification system. A main output of the project is a database on subnational public climate finance for EU and OECD countries. 

We would like to include Korea in this database; however, we are missing key data for Korea. Specifically, we are missing second-level COFOG expenditure data (example: COFOG 05.1 Waste Management) for all government sectors (general government, central government, state government and local government) for the years 2001-2019. Do you collect this data? If so, would you be able to share it with us so that we can include Korea in our analysis?


Statistics Korea / 2021-09-23
Dear Kate POWER, 

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website. 

Currently Statistics Korea produces government expenditure data for each of 17 metropolitan cities and provinces. Basically, the Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG), an international standard classification system, is applied when producing government expenditure data. However, due to the statistical production environment of local governments, expenditure data are produced by integrating 10 first-level (two-digit classification or divisions) COFOG data into 6 first-level COFOG data. Accordingly, Statistics Korea doesn't produce government expenditure data at the second-level classification (three-digit classification or groups). Therefore, second-level COFOG expenditure data can't be provided to users.

Best wishes,

Statistics Korea

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