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Census dataAnswer

  • Writer : Ana Achiriloaie
  • Date : 2021-09-22
  • Views : 1783
Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am writing with regards to the registered-based Census survey you are running in Korea each year. I noticed that you are collecting data regarding the level of education of population. Is it possible to direct me please to the place where I could access the results for this? I am specifically interested in the 16-64 years old segment, if that is possible. 
I also wanted to ask please, if you are collecting any data regarding internet usage. 
And finally are there any plans to run a full Census in the near future? 

Many thanks,
Ana Achiriloaie


Statistics Korea / 2021-09-30
Dear Ana Achiriloaie, 

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

Sorry, but data regarding the population by education attainment and age group, and internet usage is provided only on the Korean-version KOSIS webpages. 

Until the 2010 Population and Housing Census (both the complete survey items and the sample survey items), the census was carried out on the 5-year basis. However, since the 2015 Population and Housing Census, the Register-based Census has been carried out every year by using administrative data.

Best regards,

Statistics Korea

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