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Request for EAPS dataAnswer

  • Writer : Hannah Firth
  • Date : 2021-10-23
  • Views : 1222

My name is Hannah Firth and I am currently an economics student at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom. I did an exchange year at Yonsei University last year and have decided to write my thesis on the gender wage gap in Korea. 

I was doing some reading, and lots of the current literature utilise the Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS). I am therefore wondering if it would be possible to have access to the August 2020 (EAPS) and the supplementary part which contains the information regarding wages. 

Many thanks,
Hannah Firth


Statistics Korea / 2021-10-29
Dear Hannah Firth,

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website and showing interest in the EAPS. 

I'm sorry, but statistical tables regarding wages are not provided on the KOSIS website owing to sampling error.

Best wishes,

Statistics Korea

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