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Data request: Dominican Republic citizens living in KoreaAnswer

  • Writer : Mario Gallego
  • Date : 2021-02-18
  • Views : 274
To whom it might concern. 

My name is Mario Gallego Cosme and I am a researcher for a Directorate in charge of migratory studies in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic. At the moment I am collecting social and demographic data on the Dominican Republic diaspora around the world through official records. The reason for this message is to ask you for assistance in obtaining that mentioned data. 

Specifically, we would like to obtain the number of Dominican nationals living in South Korea segmented by period and/or around other available variables (such as sex, age, geographic delimitation, ...). In case you do not have this data, please let me know the contact of the entity that could assist me with this request. Thanking you in advance for the help. 

Kind regards.


Statistics Korea / 2021-02-24
Dear Mario Gallego,

Thank you for visiting the KOSIS website.

I hope you’ll find data you need on the following webpages.

Path of the KOSIS website : Statistical Database > Population 
> International Migration Statistics
> Statistics on Foreign Residents by the Local Governments

● I’m sorry, but I tell you that data on the Dominican Republic are included in the “Other” category.

Best regards,

Statistics Korea

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